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Our Story

GreenEnergy Windows was established in San Antonio, Texas out of sheer necessity. Jeremy Green, the owner, began his career as a window salesman and quickly realized his dissatisfaction with the practices of the industry. The prevalence of high-pressure sales tactics, lengthy presentations, and the misleading promotion of subpar windows as high-quality products prompted him to take a bold leap and adopt a different approach.


Recognizing the power of word-of-mouth advertising, Jeremy decided to leverage the satisfaction of homeowners in a community. He introduced a window that was meticulously crafted to meet homeowners' preferences, providing them with precisely what they desired if only they knew what to look for. This innovative strategy propelled GreenEnergy Windows on a path of continuous growth, enabling the company to assist numerous cities in saving money while embracing the unmistakable advantages offered by GreenEnergy.

By streamlining the sales process and prioritizing customer satisfaction, GreenEnergy Windows has revolutionized the window industry and empowered homeowners across various locations to experience the remarkable difference that their products and services bring.

Our Unique Strategy

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How We Operate

Green Energy Windows and Doors has had a different approach in the window industry. We partnered with one of the top manufacturers over 16 years ago. Together we select specific neighborhoods in which we promote our windows. Instead of spending thousands on advertising, we directly invest that money into homeowners. Operating this way allows homeowners in the area to see our product and installation, which gives us a foot forward in the retail space.


Perks of Choosing Us?

  • Laminate and Impact glass packages that'll keep your home safe, energy-efficient, and quiet

  • We update windows that are ALWAYS custom-fit to your home

  •  Our professional installation is done by our OWN certified, trained and insured installers

  •  Every window you get from Green Energy Windows and Doors comes with a double lifetime warranty

  • 100% Financing - No Money Down 

  • 30-50% more energy efficient households

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